Feedback on the new LiveWhale support experience

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site — the documentation, the help request form, or this forum itself.

Please share any feedback, positive or negative. We can handle it! If you’d like to send private feedback, we have a form for that too.

You say “Have you got an issue with your website or calendar? Post your question in our support forum, or submit a help request for hands-on assistance.” – It’s unclear to me when to do one versus the other. I figure I’d always use the help form unless it was something that I felt was obvious to most editors… but then if it was obvious, why wouldn’t I have already solved it then? – I could use some clarification. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming my team will be posting most questions to the support forum unless it is extremely urgent or we know the situation is unique to our instance. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that someone else (or several other people) within the community is experiencing the same issue and will have (free) advice - or the LW team will be able to see it’s a widespread issue and be able to jump in to help.

In a University setup, many a time, the people supporting a system are not the ones holding the purse strings. To have the people who submit the Support Request form (not responsible for finances) agree to a term that it may include billable hours is not desirable to me as a required field. Many a time people in business of supporting a system technically do not even see an SLA.
I am not sure how else you would word it. But it seems to me that if I submit a Support Request Form, I am committing to a financial responsibility that I may not be responsible for.

Hey Morgan! Thank for asking.

Basically, we see the Support Forum being for (free) help with issues that we solve using

  • general knowledge of LiveWhale
  • understanding or reproducing the issue based on how it’s described or examples shared
  • looking at the issue in a browser (web inspector / view source only)

That is—things that any LiveWhale expert could see and potentially diagnose without any special access or getting into client-specific code or configurations.

The Request Help form is for (billable, mostly) help that requires us to log into your LiveWhale instance or SFTP server to diagnose.

Thanks for the pointer about that not being totally clear from that homepage help text, we’ll check that out. :+1:

when I search in documentation for ‘widget arguments’ there are two items returned named "Widget Formatting’, with slightly different urls. Neither gives me much about widget arguments but both do seem to have similar or same content. Having 2 is a little confusing, though.

I was wrong - on closer examination, the entry Widget Formatting - LiveWhale Support has more content than the similarly-titled Widget Formatting - LiveWhale Support.

There seems to be an indication in lists of which posts I have read in that their title is slightly lighter. Having an indication is useful, but the contrast is too little. How about bolding titles of unread posts in the lists?


Hi G,

Thanks for noting that. I’m not sure why there were two “Widget Formatting” documents — it appears that the first has been deleted, though.

That said, I think the document you really want is Widget and API Settings. We didn’t use the word “Arguments” in the title of that doc (in part because I think we’re a little conflicted about that term), but I’ve added it as a keyword so it’ll pop up in the search now. (That’s the info I personally needed from our docs site more than anything else, so I’m excited to flesh out the info we provide about widget arguments.)

Hi White Whale,

I noticed a small technical issue. When viewing the top of a page on the support form, the support navigation covers some of the buttons in the forum navigation. One has to click the bottom of the buttons for them to work.

I came here to say this.

Thanks you two! Made some tweaks to the header height and the mobile behavior that I think improves things here.