Theme changes not showing up in the browser

I just had a question about the theme files: it seems that when I try to add new styles to them, it takes a really long time for them to get picked up and display. Is there something I can do?

Sure thing – Manually hard-refreshing in your browser can be a starting point to seeing changes. In general though, those types of edits should be picked up relatively quickly—occasionally a little bit longer with the load balancer that syncs the changes to web2 (up to a 60sec sync). Also sometimes included LESS/SCSS partials don’t always auto-detect, so re-saving the parent file might be necessary.

We’ve seen that some SFTP browsers where it’s possible to update a file without updating its Last Modified timestamp—that’s what LiveWhale uses to know when to clear the cache.

If you’re still running into any issues where your changes aren’t picked up, you can refresh individual files (CSS, HTML components) in your web inspector by appending ?refresh=1 to the URL. Hope that helps!