Stories missing custom url field on 2.15.2 (dev)

As of version 2.10, dynamic content should have a customizable url option, but our dev site is on 2.15.2 and I see the customizable url option on profiles/files/events etc, but not on our Stories. I checked with the inspect tool and it doesn’t look like anything is hidden via css, and I haven’t made any changes on the code end either that could block this from stories. Any idea how I can make it show up? Is there a way to refresh the CMS version to see if that helps? Thanks!

I don’t have an answer for you, but I can confirm that our Dev site that is on 2.15.2 does have the customizable URL option for Stories.

Thanks, Jon. Sounds like it’s an issue specific to our instance then.

All good now, it was a custom client module file overriding some of the update options. Thanks for pointing out where that custom file was, Karl!

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