Script or iframe disappears after saving

When I try to paste an iframe or script tag into the HTML source of my page/event/story, it looks like it works but then disappears on save.

To help protect your website, LiveWhale does not allow you to paste any unknown (third party) <iframe> or <script> tags into the editor. However, your server configuration can be updated to specify which third party sites you want to allow.

You can view the detailed steps to make this change, but essentially it requires someone with SFTP access to connect to the server and edit the /livewhale/client/global.config.php file*,* adding $_LW->CONFIG['HOSTNAME_ALLOWLIST'][]='*.[]' where the hostname is for the third party website being used for the iframe/script. As noted in the documentation linked above, the precise approach might differ depending on your version of LiveWhale, or if you want to limit embedding iframe/scripts to page edits only or content edits only, instead of allowing them for both.

Hope this helps! Common sites like YouTube and Vimeo we already allow by default, but for most other services you’ll likely need to do this one-time setup step to make sure users are allowed to embed those items in your LiveWhale site.