Question about deleting groups and what happens to the content

We have several inactive groups without users that we are planning to delete.

If we delete the group, but there happens to be any events tied to the group (maybe through a share) will we get some type of warning? Or will it prevent the group from being deleted? Just making sure there is no harm in doing so.

Thanks for writing—good question. So something I might double-check before even deleting a group is to see what content might be associated with it (like editors, images, events, etc.) If you happen to have any of those you could always move them to a different group to preserve them if needed. A quick breeze through the events manager, images, and files would reveal if that group did have anything you might want to keep.

Otherwise, when you go to delete a group from the group manager, there is a message that pops up warning stating:

Are you sure you want to delete this group, along with all of its users and content? Warning: Deleting an entire group may take a few minutes.

It’s just a warning though and won’t stop anything or automatically move content. So once you proceed, if there is any content associated with that group, it will be deleted.

If for some reason something mistakingly got deleted (we totally understand how that goes) we’ve tried to make it easy to restore those within the LiveWhale dashboard. You can restore things from the trash (it’s under your toolbox if you click on "Deleted Items) if needed to bring them back including the entire group, users, and any events.

Hope that helps clarify things there but feel free to reach out with any other questions about this. Thanks!