Profile Fields – textarea without WYSIWYG Editor?

Adding a keywords field to a profile type. I want to have a textarea to allow editors to see all of the keywords at a glance, but I also want it in plain text to keep the UI and processing in file widgets simple.

When making profile fields, the two options for textarea include the WYSIWYG by default. Text has the plain text, but isn’t ideal UX given it is limited to one line.

Two text fields, text and textarea (small).

I know custom fields give the option for a textarea without WYSIWYG, but I’d very much prefer to stick to profile fields only, again to keep file widgets simple.

Is there a ideal solution to have a profile field be a textarea without WYSIWYG?

If not, I do have a hack-y solution which dynamically replaces a defined text field with textarea through onOutput. Just seems silly to do it this way if there’s a easier approach.

Hi Nick,

We would normally do that with either tags or a normal custom textarea (non-wysiwyg) field.

If you’d like to do it with a profile field, you could consider using onBeforeSave to strip the HTML from that textarea before it’s saved.

Hope that helps!

Hello Rachael,

Ah, right, tags. :upside_down_face: It seems I’m too used to thinking of tags as only widget filters (list stories about “alumni” here) that I didn’t consider them as a potential field or set of data.

Tags would be the better approach, given it would be somewhat easier to preview and manage in the backend, and it should just be a quick export/edit/import to achieve. I’ll put on my to-do list for this project.