Places Widgets Map Markers

Is it possible to customize the color of map pins on Places widgets? We’d like to be able to show different types of blurbs in different colors on a map, but I haven’t seen a way to do it.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for writing – the Google Maps API does permit this, but it’s not something that was ever built into the LiveWhale Places widget that uses that API to construct maps. I think that means the short answer is: it’s not available out of the box, but could be managed as a custom build that would plug into or replace some of the core places.js to manage it. Let us know if you’d like to discuss further; thanks!

EDIT: A bit of extra context! It seems like the “yes, Google Maps API lets you customize colors of map pins” documentation I was finding is for a newer version of the maps API than we’re currently integrating with. We’ll keep this request as a note for when we do update the Places widget to use the newer API though.