LW JSON API results seem to exclude events further than 6 months in the future

Earlier this morning, members of our team noticed that some results were not being returned in our json api calls, despite those excluded events being public & published. Upon some experimentation, we think it may be that events that are set to occur 6 months or more in the future are excluded from api results.

Is this a new functionality or just something we have not noticed before? As you can imagine, the number of our events have dropped off significantly as it is the summertime, so we aren’t sure if this behavior has always been the case.

As an example, https://events.uconn.edu/live/json/v2/events/group/financial%20aid has a handful of events post Dec 10th which are not appearing, but which can be seen here: https://events.uconn.edu/live/json/v2/events/group/financial%20aid/end_date/2025-12-31 (we’ve never had to use this end_date parameter before).

Hi Janet,

No problem! Yes, the JSON endpoint has always had a default 6-month endpoint for when no end_date is specified, but I see it wasn’t properly documented in our newest docs site. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve added reference to that here: json_month_range - LiveWhale Support and also to a few other spots where API dates are mentioned to help clarify how you can customize this. I’d say the most common change is updating that from 6 to 12 months so you get the next year of events. Thanks!