LiveWhale Calendar Local Development


Is it possible to install and run a copy of our LiveWhale Calendar on my computer?

If so, is there a guide on how to do that? Anyone doing it and could share some info?

Hi Ann,

Thanks for raising this! We currently don’t license or permit local installations of LiveWhale. I know there are lots of developer-friendly reasons to work locally, and there was a time (maybe 8–10 years ago) we thought it might be more common and had started some instructions for doing so.

However, as the software has evolved and the various server/OS/package requirements have grown (and been automated on our end) over the years, we’ve found that it wasn’t sustainable to support local installations.

Instead, we’ve focused on our hosting tools and encourage admins and developers to play freely with their (online, hosted) LiveWhale development servers as a space for developing theming, modules, or other customizations. It’s not impossible that in the future we may permit installations of LiveWhale that we can’t touch or see, but that’s a bit of background on why we don’t currently offer it as an option. Hope this helps explain!


OK. Thanks for the info.