Importing events from RSS

Does LiveWhale support events created from external RSS feeds? We’d love to sync our Athletics game schedule with our Sidearm site.

We can import RSS but it often requires some custom wrestling with the syntax, since RSS isn’t natively designed for event data. You could certainly plug any RSS feed into a Linked Calendar on your dev site and see if it pulls in the data as you like.

A lot of LiveWhale schools use SideArm or Presto, and I think both they support iCal feeds out of the box? That’s our recommendation whenever possible—the iCal spec has fields that match up most closely with the LiveWhale Calendar event fields.

I see, yes: if you go to Add to Calendar in Sidearm and then choose, say, Google Calendar: You’ll get a URL ending in /calendar.ics?sport_id=XXX

That’s the iCal URL version for that sport, so that’s what I’d copy/paste into a LiveWhale Linked Calendar. Then it will sync and update every hour. Hope this helps!