How do I move an event to another group?

I have a user who created an event on the wrong calendar/group. Is there a way to move an event from one calendar/group to a different one?

Thanks for reaching out about this and good question—the answer is yes!

When viewing events in the event editor you should just be able to check the event you need to move, and using the dropdown there’s an option in LiveWhale to “Move to Group”. Once you choose that option you’ll have another dropdown become available to choose which group you’d like to move it to and then select “Go”.

That should easily move the event from one group to another—just to note that if you happen to have a shared/linked copy of the original event in the group you’re trying to move it to, you will just need to remove the linked copy before moving the event (LiveWhale should give you a heads up alert there if that’s the case as well but I just wanted to mention it in case it came up).

Otherwise, that should do the trick. Let us know if you happen to run into any issues though—Thanks!