Events off by 1 hour when imported into Outlook from LiveWhale

Since daylight savings time changed, Outlook users who have subscribed to LiveWhale event feeds via .ics or added individual events to their calendars are noticing the times are incorrect / off by one hour.

Thanks for writing, and sorry to hear this is giving you trouble. We have seen this with certain versions of Outlook and have a fix (below).

A bit of context – so, anytime you subscribe to a LiveWhale Calendar feed or use the auto-generated “Add to my calendar” link, you are downloading an iCal feed (.ics file). We have seen that some versions of Outlook ignore (!) timezone instructions in .ics files. We have a workaround to put all those .ics feeds in UTC instead of your local timezone: Removing Timezones from iCal output It doesn’t affect the front-end calendar or editing at all, it just applies to those feed (.ics) links.

Following those instructions to enable that workaround should do the trick!