Editing files in core folder

I’ve found a bug or want to change some behavior in LiveWhale, and I found on the server where to change it in /core/ – can I make that edit or fix?

Thanks for writing! Please don’t edit files in /livewhale/core or /public_html/livewhale – those get tied to each LiveWhale release and aren’t intended to be edited when doing theming or customizations. Any changes you would make would be overwritten in your next upgrade, and there’s always a way to make the change you have in mind without editing core files.

To report a bug: Let us know in the forum or via the Help Request form and we can get that filed for the roadmap.

To override a theme file: If you see something in /livewhale/theme/core that you want to alter, you can make a copy of that file in _ingredients/themes/global/ to edit. However, we don’t recommend this for styles/calendar.less or scripts/calendar.js – those are complex files that contain the complete front-end interactivity of the calendar. For instructions on customizing the front-end calendar, see the user guide on theming the calendar.

To edit wording or change behavior: You can use backend CSS and JS to do simple behavior or appearance tweaks (overwriting or adding back-end help text, for instance). For more involved changes, they can be done using a custom LiveWhale module. More on customizing the back-end and building modules is available in the documentation and user guides.