Creating new users

Trying to add new user to LiveWhale calendar, but not working. Gets to the point where it says it will send a link to reset password and that email never comes.
Any ideas?

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear this is giving you trouble.

If you’re using single-sign-on (SSO), you just need to configure the LiveWhale username to match their SSO username— there shouldn’t need to be a reset password link sent at all.

If you’re not using SSO (using LiveWhale’s built-in password mode), you can add a new user with a temporary password and share that with them. Then, after they log in for the first time, they can go to “Hi, Firstname” in the upper right corner and then choose User Settings to configure a new password for themselves.

More about the above settings can be found in the Users and Permissions docs.

The question of emails not being received might be something ending up in a user’s spam folder? By default LiveWhale Calendar sends from a generic type address, but you can configure your site to use SMTP to send from a address instead, which we’ve seen is often helpful in improving deliverability of those notifications.

Hope this helps! If you’re still running into issues, please send step-by-step instructions to reproduce and we can try it out on one of our test servers.

Thanks, Karl. We did get her set up and your information could be useful in the future.

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