Best Way to Share a File?

For context on what I have to share:

What’s the best way to do this?

  • List code out in a block? (250 lines in this case.)
  • Upload to Drive or similar and share link? (Risks breaking, if institution accounts.)
  • Something else?

An idea: would LiveWhale be willing to manage a custom module/code repository of some kind? Perhaps another board on the forum? It could include commonly used modules (lockout, suggest, etc) or beta modules (data_source, etc) from LW as well as vetted code (non-malicious at minimum) from the community. Clients could search/explore these options, people replying to questions can point forum users to these, etc.

sounds like a great idea!

Thanks for the suggestion, Nick! I think pasting inline is the best option for now, but we’ll think about the other options you put forward.

I’m a little hesitant to maintain a repo because I think (even if we messaged it differently) it might take on the feeling of being code we endorse or are pledging to maintain for future LW versions, so I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression.

One thing I’ve done that’s been nice in the past for longer code blobs is pasting them in as Github Gists from my own account: They let you generate a shareable link from Github that way, in case that might be useful.

Hello Karl,

The gist option appears to be ideal. Ties it back to the author, gives room to update, etc. I’ll make use of that for anything I may make “generic”.

Not sure what to do to best address a repository (in whatever form) feeling “official”. One idea would be a “show-and-tell” board where ideas, solutions, codes can be posted from clients. Broader scope and only content from clients might help manage those expectations (and inspire people to ask for help to do cool things)?