Are images supposed to have a revision history option in the images library?

Is there a way to access previous versions of an image in the Image library? I don’t see anything in documentations that this is an option, but I was just curious if there was some way to access previous versions either on the cms itself or via sftp in the livewhale/content/images folder.

I was wondering if either older versions uploaded to the same image container, or originals of crops done to an existing image within the library (not an in page embed crop) are somehow saved, or if only the current option is saved, unlike dynamic items like stories/events etc. Thanks!

Hi Sudeshna,

Thanks for writing and good question—No, we don’t save revision history of image files. The crop dialogue does warn you if you try and crop an existing image: “Cropping a saved image may impact any pages or content where this image is in use. Please proceed with caution.”

But we could update that message to emphasize this action is not reversible. I’ll get that noted for the team to take a look at updating.

In the event of a really troubling mistake, we do have full server backups but currently we don’t save or have plans to make historical versions of images available.

Generally speaking when it comes to disk storage space, images are one of the main culpruits which is another reason we don’t keep every version of a user-uploaded image. On the other hand, if you actually delete an image it goes into the trash for a default of one year and can be restored.

Hope that helps clarify things. Thanks Sudeshna!