Adding custom filters to the Manage Events page

Is it possible to add a new filter to the manage events page? I wanted to try and add a filter for online events and another filter for a custom field. I was thinking about writing a custom module for it and controlling the output using the onOutput handler but I imagine I would also need to write some JavaScript to handle the change events for the filters. Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any better ideas? Does LiveWhale support this?

For custom fields at least, I believe the argument for show_filter should work.

For example, from Beloit:

'94'=>[ // for the Beloit College Magazine group 
		  'header'=>'Magazine Issue',
		  'options'=>['Spring 2024', 'Fall 2023', 'Summer 2023', 'etc'],

Results in this:


Ahh thats great. Thank you Nick! Definitely missed that option in the custom fields documentation.


Thanks Nick! Yes, that’s the ticket for custom fields.

For online events, we can hang onto that as a feature request for core – or, you can always create a quick Widget as an easy way of generating a list meeting that (or any) criteria, or using an API filter to request something like /live/json/v2/events/filter/is_online%7Cequals%7C1.

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