Can I limit the length of the "Summary" field?

Can I limit the length of the event/news “Summary” field for my editors?

Thanks for reaching out about this and good question—yes, you should be able to limit the number of characters added to the event summary by adding this line to your private.config file found on the server here: /livewhale/client/private.config.php

$_LW->REGISTERED_MODULES['events']['data_types']['events']['fields_length']['summary']=['summary', 220];

In addition to that, another suggestion would be to include some additional helper text for your editors via Javascript to that area by creating/adding a backend.js file here: public_html/_ingredients/backend/backend.js. (there’s some additional information about this available in our docs)

But something as simple as this would do the trick:

// Add help text to Summary field label
$('div.fields_summary > label').html('Summary (Add 2-3 sentences only)');

Let us know if you have any questions about this and I hope that helps—thanks!